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Hey Zombo, we asked the spinners from GPC, if they had any questions for you and this was the result. (We didn?t take the question about the color of your pants in, though).
When did you start pen spinning and why?

I started pen spinning around 1999. My friend taught me my first trick. It is not a thumbaround, but rather a sidethumbspin. I always thought for many years it was a TA though.

How are you able to be still interested in pen spinning after such a long time?

Not as much as before, but I am interested in the administrative side of organizing global events. Because it’s interesting to see how different communities react to the same events. I guess you could say I am more focused on the social aspect of pen spinning. But I still like to watch videos which show cool new and difficult tricks/links.

Do you have any idols in pen spinning?

nhk_9: this man was a level above everybody during his prime. He could do continuous fingerless tricks before power tricks existed. He was amazing.

Do you plan to continue organizing the world cups and tournaments and isn?t it a lot of work?

I think that with the creation of the IPSA, more people will be involved with the organization of global events, so I won’t have to do as much. Since spinners now upload on Youtube entirely, it’s much easier for the public to have fast access to the videos. Therefore, the large portion of the work is compiling the results. To reduce the amount of work I do, I delegate to the head judges of each community the task of compiling the results of their own judges. That way, I just need to compile the aggregated results of all the communities.

Many spinners in GPC criticized the decisions of the judges, so some of them were interested in your opinion about the judging results so far. Also do you intend to change something about the judges and the judgingsystem for the following wt and wc?

Judging is the most difficult aspect of the tournaments. The judges are not the best spinners in the world; otherwise they would be in the tournament. The system itself seems ok, but many judges don’t really follow it. One thing we should remember is that any judging system for our competitions should be realistic. We cannot ask too much time of the judges or they won’t finish the results in time. Also anything too complicated will not be understood by foreign judges. I think in the future there might be possibilities of assigning weights to different communities, so that larger, more established communities have votes that count for more. But you need to carefully select those weights and make sure everybody’s happy with it.

Will you come to Germany again? (taichi apparently misses you)

Yes I remember everyone from the GPC gathering 2010, it was fun times. Thanks to Koksi for letting me stay at his house. I actually travel a lot around the world due to my profession, so there will be more opportunities for me to go to Germany. One cool thing is that wherever I travel, I can always find a spinner that I know. This summer I will be going to Hong Kong, so I hope to meet HKPSA members there.

Thank you for this interview and your time. (:
Interviewer: Nashi


我從1999年左右開始轉筆。我第一個招式是朋友教的。那不是TA但我覺得那更像是一個side TA。然而之後很多年裡我都總是以為那就是TA。



nhk_9:在他的顛峰時期,這個人的水平是高於所有人的.他在暴力招存在之前就能作出cont. fingerless的招式了.他太厲害了.






是的我記得GPC 2010大聚的每一個人,那段時光非常歡樂。謝謝Koksi讓我住在他家裡。其實由於職業的原因我經常環遊世界,所以會有更多機會讓我去德國的。有件很酷的事情是無論我去哪旅遊都總是能找到認識的轉筆者。這個夏天我會去香港,所以我希望能在那會會HKPSA(香港轉筆協會)的成員。

謝謝你接受我的訪問並感謝你寶貴的時間。 (:




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卧槽PDF里头好多内容 除了zombo的采访以外都是德文压力大


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Do you have any idols in pen spinning?

nhk_9: this man was a level above everybody during his prime. He could do continuous fingerless tricks before power tricks existed. He was amazing.


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